Email Protection

We’ll protect your employees’ inboxes from spam messages and phishing attempts that could compromise your computers and data.

The Email Protection service from IT Pros Management Inc. filters incoming email messages for dangerous impurities. Spam, phishing attacks, viruses, and ransomware are just a few of the threats. If we locate any of these dangers, they get automatically flushed away, so your data remains secure.

This service provides small- and medium-sized business the same level of security that enterprise-level companies enjoy. It also prevents dangerous links from being clicked on, preventing malware and viruses from corrupting your data and devices.

Our Email Team implements a frontline defense that blocks harmful incoming messages and protects outgoing messages. We accomplish this through the following means:

Advanced Techniques

We use advanced techniques to prevent false positives.

Automatic Quarantines

We detect threats and send them to the recycle bin before they can do any damage.

Special Settings

You’ll enjoy extra proactive settings, such as the ability for your email servers to blacklist addresses that have sent dangerous emails in the past.

Sent Mail Analysis

Our Email Protection plan prevents your sent messages from being hijacked for spamming purposes by unauthorized users.

Email Encryption

We encrypt your outgoing emails to ensure they cannot be hacked while in transit.

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