Desktop Support

The IT Helpdesk Experts at IT Pros Management ensure your employees’ computers will be fixed quickly when they contact us for support.

Our Desktop Support plan provides your office workers and IT administrators with immediate assistance. That way, they never have to deal with long periods of downtime from hardware or software problems.

In some cases, our technicians are able to provide remote support to resolve your IT problem even faster. Whether you get remote assistance or a facility visit, you can always expect expert IT knowledge. We promise to always explain your technical issues in layman’s terms without using technical jargon.

Our Desktop Support plan includes expert troubleshooting and repairs. We solve your problems fast and provide long-lasting fixes to your desktop! We do this through:

Software Maintenance

We install and upgrade all of your applications and operating systems, so they stay running smoothly.

Email Management

We’ll give you comprehensive email support, including protection from spam and phishing schemes.

Scheduled Evaluations

We provide regularly-scheduled evaluations of your most important hardware components to ensure great performance.

Peripherals Support

Our top-notch IT services cover all your desktop-connected devices like printers, scanners, external drives, monitors, and more.

Hassle-Free Repairs

We’ll take care of everything including equipment pickup, shipping, component replacement, and return. You won’t have to worry about doing anything yourself! Our repairs are also covered by warranty.

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