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Why Your Business Needs Our IT Support in Santa Monica, CA

Keep Your Monthly IT Costs Predictable

It takes time, patience, and often a significant amount of capital to build and stabilize an in-house IT team. Managing these liabilities can be quite stressful, especially for small businesses. By outsourcing your IT needs to us, you not only hire IT specialists who don’t require any training, but you also save on the operating costs of your business since we charge on a flat rate basis.

Get Customized IT Solutions

We believe every business is different and needs customized, innovative IT solutions that tackle your specific challenges.

Get 24/7 IT Support

IT Pros Management offers round-the-clock managed IT support in Santa Monica to keep your business safe and running all day, every day. We’re always available to offer the much-needed helping hand.

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Hire our IT services in Santa Monica, CA and stay on top of your game.

Stay Productive with Dependable IT Services in Santa Monica, CA

Network Support and Security

About 43% of cyber-attacks affect small businesses, meaning there’s no better time to outsource your IT to professionals than now. Our IT security team has the latest cyber-security solutions for malware, phishing techniques, ransomware, and other forms of cyber-attacks. Our cyber security services provide vigilant protection to your customers’ and employees’ data so that your business is never a target of cyber-attacks.

IT Infrastructure Management

Do you miss out on important business sales due to poor network support? Our highly responsive 24/7 managed IT services and support are what your business needs. Our team of IT consultants will offer ISO certified IT solutions, helping your business generate substantial ROI within a short period. You’ll have peace of mind since your IT infrastructure will be in the hands of professionals.

IT Consulting

The business world is ever-competitive. To stay relevant and on top of the game, you need to update your IT services with the latest technologies. At IT Pros Management, we provide all-inclusive IT consulting solutions— back up services, cyber-security services, and computer support — that ensure your business is technologically advanced and protected from any risks.

Cloud Integration and Computing

Businesses in Santa Monica are moving to the cloud – and for a good reason. Cloud solutions enhance collaboration, communication, data accessibility, and overall efficiency. The cloud is also part of our back up services to ensure your data is recoverable in the event of an unforeseen disaster. At IT Pros Management, we take the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business so that we can design cloud solutions that best support your goals.

Available IT Services

Solutions to supercharge your business efficiency

Managed IT Services

Rest assured with 24/7/365 monitoring and continual maintenance on your devices, servers, and network.

Business Continuity

Mitigate the impacts of unforeseen disasters, ensuring your business always runs smoothly.

Cloud Services

Access important documents, regardless of what device you’re using or where you are. That’s efficiency!

vCSO Services

Assign our vSCO expert to make security decisions, understand security threats, and optimize processes.

Cybersecurity Services

Proactively secure your network, servers, and devices from malicious malware, viruses, and ransomware.

How it works

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Once you choose our managed IT services, we simplify the process, swiftly gathering your information for immediate onboarding.

Forget IT Problems

Forget that you ever had IT problems! We’ll find and resolve them before they become issues so that you can work on running a business.

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Think of our entire team as an extension of your business. We can help empower your employees with on-demand support that’s just a phone call away so they can focus on revenue-generating initiatives instead.

Our expert IT consulting and technology support services will give you the satisfaction you deserve. We will bend over backward to ensure you are happy with our IT management and network support services.

Our Pricing

Our fixed rate services start at the following (depending on the complexity of your network):
  • $45 per device (Windows or Macs)
  • $75 per user
  • $12 per mobile device
  • $499 per location
  • $399 per server
  • $399 email support
  • $99 network printers and multifunction copiers
  • $399 backup
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