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Discover how leadership skills learned in the military made IT guru Randy Martinez determined to ‘do better’ for his clients

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Meet Randy Martinez, CEO of IT Pros Management

Randy Martinez, a Los Angeles native who grew up in the rough-and-tough South-Central neighborhood near the University of Southern California, built IT Pros Management on the core value of “Do the right thing.” It is in his DNA, first instilled in him by his parents, both immigrants with impeccable work ethics, and by his participation with ROTC and police programs while in high school.

A certified gifted student in high school, he developed leadership skills from a school ROTC program, as well as the LAPD’s volunteer Explorer program, which allowed him the opportunity to train and work alongside police officers. He liked the sense of order and viewed joining the force someday as a way he could give back to his community.

“Doing the right thing” further compelled Randy to join the military after high school, another way of giving back. He volunteered for temporary duty in some of the world’s most dangerous hot spots, including the Middle East and Central America, before being stationed for two years in Germany. Upon returning home, he married and started a family.

He continued his mission by exploring a potential career with the Los Angeles Police Department. Though he was accepted into the LA Sheriff’s Department, he declined the position at the urging of his first wife (now deceased), who was concerned that he had already risked his life in the military and asked him to consider his young family.

Working with the Department of Justice in the federal building in Las Vegas would change his life’s course. As an administrative assistant, he stepped up as the de facto IT person for the multiple agencies housed in the building. At the time, IT wasn’t prevalent, and no one knew what to do with the computers.

Subsequent positions afforded Randy more responsibility and closer interaction with clients. The importance of doing the right thing on their behalf was magnified by employers who did not share his commitment. Frustrated in his attempts to implement beneficial IT solutions, Randy decided he could do it better, and in 2011 he started IT Pros Management to provide a comprehensive turnkey solution for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have either an internal IT person or an established IT department. Previous employers who stymied Randy’s efforts to utilize IT to best serve clients had compelled him to start this company that would help entrepreneurs who knew they needed to embrace IT but didn’t know where to begin.

His philosophy is consistent quality service from people who are customer service–oriented and to ALWAYS do the right thing. Now in his third decade in IT, Randy is the co-author of the Amazon best-selling book On Thin Ice, an essential guide for businesses looking to prevent the upheaval caused by a cyber-attack. A sought-after public speaker on cyber security for small businesses, the bilingual Martinez appears frequently on LA Spanish-language television as an expert.

Randy remarried, and his wife, Silvia Sevilla, is vice president, marketing and client relations. They have a blended family, including a stepdaughter who is also a full-time employee. Randy’s two eldest sons followed him into the military. Another daughter has a disability and does a lot of volunteer work for a large thrift store.

Randy is also a comic book fan and collector, a passion he developed when he was a young boy learning to read and was captivated by the artwork and heroic storylines. While Silvia despairs of the space his collection takes up in their home, she considers him something of a hero as well. “IT is his superpower,” she says. Along, of course, with always doing the right thing.

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