Are IT Pros Management’s VoIP Services Important? (The Answer Is Very)

There’s a revolution sweeping the nation. Thousands of businesses across the U.S are ditching their clunky, outdated analog phone systems in favor of slick, hosted VoIP services.

And with good reason. SME’s can save 75% on their communication costs by making the switch, whilst also benefiting from productivity and CX boosting features that are impossible on legacy systems.

Is VoIP important? Incredibly! It’s the biggest technology investment you can make for your business, particularly in this new era of remote working.

Read on to discover the benefits of IT Pros Management’s VoIP services, we’ve got all the info you need to know to take the next step below.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol.” Simply put, it refers to a way of transferring audio data over the internet, rather than using a traditional phone line. If you’ve ever made a call using Facebook Messenger, you’ve already used VoIP!

VoIP calls are more sophisticated than their predecessors. Users can call from a whole host of devices, including smartphones, computers, tablets, and IP enabled desk phones. By making the switch, you can say goodbye to complicated systems installed at your business premises and say hello to a versatile cloud system that is accessible from anywhere with an active internet connection!

Why Should I Switch to a VoIP Phone Service?

Switching to VoIP services for your communications should be a no brainer. After all, how many tech investments can promise such significant savings, all whilst adding to the communication capabilities of your businesses. The answer: none!
Let’s explore the reasons to switch to VoIP services in more detail:

Switch to Slash Phone Bills

IT buyers are often nervous about forking out for new technologies with a high CAPEX. But with VoIP phone services, these fears can be laid to rest. Users pay a single monthly cost for their communications- just like you pay for your Office 365 subscription! You can also include hardware like headsets and IP phones in your monthly package, to keep upfront costs at a minimum.

From there, it’s all about the savings. Here’s how VoIP can reduce your comms costs:

  • Low Rates: Local and international calls over VoIP cost less than traditional calls, some providers even offer inclusive minutes
  • No Cost for Internal Calls: Call colleagues as much as you want for FREE
  • Connect Multiple Offices: Have one system for all your sites, international offices become free internal calls
  • Flexible: Only pay for the lines you need, no wasted numbers or line fees
  • More Choice: Colleagues can choose to call, chat, or conference so call time will decrease.
  • No Hardware: With no equipment needed to set up calling enabled from a laptop, you’ll keep costs down

As you can see, VoIP not only lowers your call costs but minimizes hardware and talk time too. Businesses that make the switch save an average of 32 minutes a day in calls. Add that up over a year and you’ll be astonished at the amount!

Boost Employee Productivity

How much time do you spend trying to reach colleagues that are unavailable or typing up notes after calls with a client?

VoIP systems end these frustrations thanks to productivity-boosting features like presence, CRM integration, and audio transcription that free you to focus on revenue-producing activities, rather than being bogged down with admin.

But that’s not all. When you invest in a new VoIP communications solution you’re not just getting telephony. Most providers will include extra platforms such as instant messaging and video conferencing at no extra cost. You can even access your full suite of communications tools at home, meaning transitioning from office to home-based working is a doddle!

Deliver Exceptional CX

If you’re required to work with clients, offer support, or provide customer service, you’ll already know how your communication tools can make or break customer experience (CX).

VoIP services enable your staff to consistently deliver high-quality customer interactions. Features such as call queues and call forwarding make it easy to direct callers to the right department, meaning that they can be assisted more efficiently.

Meanwhile, managers can track the performance of customer-facing departments, with call reports available from the systems management console.

What Should I Look for in a VoIP Provider?

If you’re considering switching to VoIP, you need an experienced VoIP service provider who can make sure your migration runs smoothly and help you train up once it’s installed.

Look for a provider that can act as a one-stop-shop for all your communication needs. That means checking they offer integrated hardware and IP Phones, plus ongoing management of your hosting.

If you can, choose an IT Management firm that can provide your phone system as well as essential services like connectivity, security, and 24/7 support. VoIP services are robust and experience fewer issues than traditional analog systems but if you do experience an issue, having a provider with a holistic view of your IT infrastructure will get you fixed up faster.

VoIP Services Will Slash Your Phone Bill and Make Your Team More Productive

Switching to VoIP is extremely important if you want your organization to be able to keep up the pace of modern business. Alongside the incredible cost savings, VoIP introduces a whole host of time-saving features that boost staff productivity and improves your customer service capabilities.

At IT Pros Management, we’ve been providing managed IT and VoIP services to businesses across the US for 10 years. Time and time again we’ve seen how adopting VoIP can revolutionize business processes.

Let us bring that expertise to your organization. If you’re considering investing in a VoIP phone system, talk to us first. We’ll help you build a customized solution that caters to your business’s every need.

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