File Explorer May Get Tabs In Windows 11

Are you a Windows Insider?  If so, be aware that the company is testing a “hidden” new feature you’re probably going to love. It’s a small change but its impact is enormous. The feature is the Tabbed File Explorer! The experimental feature must be explicitly enabled but once it is it works a lot like […]

 You May See Ads For Microsoft Products With Windows 11

Microsoft may have inadvertently signaled that they are soon going to reincorporate ads into Microsoft 11, which is going to please exactly no one. In the most recent Windows Insiders build, third party ads were displayed but only briefly. They vanished as of the next update. The company responded to the angry inquires that the sudden […]

Clipchamp Will Soon Replace Movie Maker For Windows 11

If you’re an early adopter playing with the Windows 11 builds as they come out and you are a “Windows Insider,” then you probably already know this. In the latest build, users were treated to a raft of new improvements and enhancements including a new Windows 11 video editor called Clipchamp.  The build with the […]

Cyber Insurance and Compliance

Cyber Insurance and Compliance Introduction Before you purchase a cyber insurance policy for your organization, the insurance company will want to know what sort of risk it’s accepting by taking you on as a client. And, simply put, the more compliant you are, the less of a risk you pose. So, before you even contact […]

This Malware Phishing Campaign Hijacks Email Conversations

Hackers have been using social engineering tricks to get their malicious code onto the systems of unsuspecting victims. This has been happening for almost as long as the internet has been around. It’s one of the most common tactics in use today, primarily because it’s so simple and effective. Trial and error have shown hackers […]

Some AMD Ryzen CPU Users Experiencing Windows 11 Issues

Do you have a PC with an AMD Ryzen CPU?  If so, be aware that AMD has found an issue which causes “temporary pauses in system interactivity or responsiveness.” The issue affects some Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems with the Firmware Trusted Platform Module (fTPM) enabled. If you’re not familiar with it, the fTPM […]

New Archive Feature Helps Mobile Users Save Space

The problem with smartphones is that they eventually run out of room.  Honestly it’s a wonder the issue isn’t even bigger than it is.  After all, miniaturization isn’t cheap but smartphone manufacturers have been able to cram incredible amounts of storage into tiny spaces. The day is coming when you’re going to run out of […]

Hackers Get Source Code During Data Breach At Samsung

Samsung’s corporate network was breached recently.  That’s bad news all by itself. The company has recently confirmed that in addition to the confidential customer information that was stolen, the hackers also made off with the source code for the software used in the company’s Galaxy smartphones. The hackers responsible for the attack call themselves “Lapsus$.”  […]

Hackers Are Increasingly Targeting Mobile Devices

Here’s a statistic you’re not going to like.  Based on research conducted by cybersecurity researchers at Proofpoint, there has been a staggering 500 percent increase in malware attacks against mobile devices during the opening months of 2022. The most significant peak so far this year occurred at the end of February. Most of the malware […]

Google Messages Users On Android Get New Features

Do you use Google Messages?  If so, there’s good news!  In recent months, the company has taken steps to bridge the Windows and iOS ecosystems the Android ecosystems and the iOS ecosystems. They’ve been creating a more seamless user experience and allowing users from those various ecosystems to communicate and share more easily. The latest […]

This Popular Fitbit Watch Has Been Recalled

Do you own an Ionic smartwatch?  If you haven’t heard yet, be advised that Fitbit has issued a voluntary recall of the devices produced between 2017 and 2020. It’s also worth mentioning that at the start of this year (2022) FitBit was acquired by Google. So if the contact information you see on the FibBit […]

These Medical Devices Are Vulnerable To Security Threats

Thanks to the fine folks at Palo Alto Networks we have a better view of the relative safety and security of network-capable medical devices.  Unfortunately, the news is grim. Based on their findings after examining more than 200,000 infusion pumps, about half are vulnerable to critical security issues. Yes you read that correctly. That’s 100,000 […]

People Are Still Not Using Secure Passwords Despite Warnings

It’s 2022 and after years of warning people repeatedly about the dangers of using the same old passwords and using the same password across multiple websites, you would think this would get better. You would think we’d have that problem solved and there would be one less network security risk to worry about. Unfortunately, if […]

Network Security Breach Confirmed At Nvidia

Nvidia joined the seemingly unending parade of major corporations to fall victim of a hacking attack.  Recently, a group of hackers calling itself “Lapsus$” began sharing details about the incident and the damage that it caused. Nvidia confirmed the attack. Nvidia released a formal statement which reads in part as follows: “On February 23, 2022, […]

Chip Makers Are Already Planning For WiFi7

We barely got to know Wi-Fi 6 but companies like Qualcomm are already making plans for the next generation of Wi-Fi technology. They are working on Wi-Fi 7 which is otherwise known as 802.11. Granted, the new standard is a long way from being ready to roll out, so don’t expect to see any equipment […]

Android Users Need To Watch Out For Teabot Trojan

If you have smart devices in the Android ecosystem, there’s a new threat to be aware of in the form of a malware strain called Teabot.  This bit of malicious code is a Remote Access Trojan or RAT for short. The group behind the code is making a big push to see it spread worldwide. […]

Scammers Cost Americans Billions Of Dollars In 2021

The US Federal Trade Commission reports that Americans lost almost six billion dollars to fraud last year.  The $5.8 billion total represented a catastrophic 70 percent increase compared to the losses reported in 2020. The FTC maintains a database of millions of consumer records it uses to track such information. Based on the statistics gleaned […]

New Phishing Emails Target Citibank Account Holders

Are you a Citibank customer?  If so, be aware that a group of scammers is specifically targeting Citibank account holders. The campaign is incredibly convincing, and the emails look just like official communications from the company.  All logos have been copied and are positioned correctly.  The sender address appears genuine at first glance and the […]

Malware Hidden Inside Games Found In Microsoft Store

Security experts tell people all the time to never to download apps from anywhere other than official sources like the Microsoft Store, the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store. It’s good advice but unfortunately, even those sources aren’t perfect when it comes to keeping malicious apps that have been poisoned with malware off […]

Employee Information Was Leaked At Cookware Company Meyer

Meyer Corporation is a California-based company and a giant in the cookware industry. Meyer is the latest victim in a seemingly never-ending parade of hacking attacks. The full extent of the attack has not yet been disclosed because an investigation into the matter is ongoing. However, we do know at this point that the attackers […]

New iOS 15.4 Update Addresses AirTag Stalking Issue

Apple AirTags are handy.  They’re an incredibly convenient way to help keep track of your stuff. If you lose something that has been tagged you can easily locate it using the “Find My” app, which will point the way to whatever it is that you have tagged. The only problem is AirTags can be misused […]

 Skype Gets New 911 Calling Feature In The U.S.

Recently, Skype announced a change to its 911 calling feature.  Previously the feature was only useable in the UK, Finland, Denmark, and Australia. Now, the company has unlocked it for the United States as well and will even allow the software to share the location of the caller with emergency services. It’s a welcome change […]

Zoom Bug With Some Macs Leaves Microphone On After Meetings

If you’re a Mac user and you also use Zoom be sure to check to see what version of Zoom you’re running.  Recently a bug in the Mac version of the software was found that could cause your computer’s microphone to remain on even after leaving a meeting. Mac Zoom users have been complaining about […]

Windows 11 Is Now Able To Run Some Android Apps

Recently, Microsoft announced that they were adding support for Android Apps to Windows 11.  The company first began testing that new functionality back in October of last year (2021). Now, the public preview has been unveiled in the US, allowing users to run some Android apps acquired from the Amazon store right from their Windows […]

Update This WordPress Plugin Immediately To Prevent Security Risks

Do you have a WordPress site?  Do you use the PHP Everywhere plugin? If so, you’re not alone.  More than 30,000 site owners have installed it.  It’s an excellent plugin that dramatically enhances websites using it, because it allows webmasters to place PHP pretty much anywhere on the page to display dynamic web content. Wordfence […]

Puma Sportswear Recently Impacted By A Data Breach

We have recently learned that Puma Sportswear was impacted by a data breach in the waning days of 2021. It’s important to note that Puma’s networks were not attacked directly.  The attack was made against Kronos which is one of the company’s North American workforce management service providers. In a recently filed data breach notification […]

Microsoft Teams Gets Optimizations To Use Less Resources

Do you use Microsoft Teams and do you have an older PC that struggles with Teams video meetings?  If so there’s good news.  Microsoft has recently upgraded Teams and halved the power used by Teams video meetings to make life easier on people with older hardware. Of course, even if you’ve got newer hardware this […]

Medusa Android Banking Trojan Steals Sensitive User Information

There are two new forms of malware spreading rapidly among people with Android devices according to researchers at ThreatFabric. This latest campaign involves the FluBot malware (also known as Cabassous) and the Android banking trojan called Medusa.  What’s disturbing about this most recent spate of attacks is that both forms of malware share the same […]