This Android Banking Malware Is Back

We haven’t heard much about Anubis in recent months. Anubis is the nasty Android-based banking Trojan that has made headlines on more than one occasion. If history is any guide at all Anubis will soon be making headlines again.  It’s back and based on the findings from researchers at Lookout the hackers controlling the malware […]

Microsoft Teams Gets End To End Encryption

Two months ago, Microsoft began rolling out support for end-to-end encryption for all Teams calls.  Given the pandemic and the increased demand for Teams and services like it, that was a very big deal. The good news is that Microsoft recently announced that the rollout is complete and all Teams calls now support E2EE which […]

AWS Outage Caused Major Headaches For Businesses

If yours is one of the thousands of businesses that rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS for short) then you’re already aware that recently there were issues. Even if your business doesn’t rely on AWS directly if you do business with anyone who does rely on Amazon’s Flagship digital service you’re probably at least aware […]

Android Can Track AirTags And Similar Devices With New App

The Apple and Android ecosystems just took another step toward melding together with the release of a new App built by Apple. The app allows Android devices to track any nearby device that is “Find My-enabled.” From Apple’s perspective the move is less about creating a user experience that spans ecosystems and more about user […]

Website Ranking Company Alexa Will Be Shut Down

It’s the end of an era. is an iconic website run by Amazon that ranks and analyzes the popularity of other sites on the web. This site is soon to be retired. is actually a subsidiary company wholly owned by Amazon. They offer an impressive suite of SEO services to webmasters interested in […]

Voice Commands Getting New Attention In Windows 11

For a few years now Microsoft has been experimenting with voice commands.  Their early experiments were limited to contexts that resided wholly inside specific applications however. For example, once you opened Word you could use voice commands to activate a few of the software’s features. Recently the company decided to take voice controls to a […]

QNAP Still Dealing With Attacks On NAS Devices

QNAP has recently warned its customers of an ongoing campaign that is targeting QNAP NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices and infecting them with cryptomining malware.  This particular campaign is deploying software designed to mine Bitcoin and using your computing power to generate profits for them.  If you are infected, you’ll see a new process running […]

Study Shows People Are Spending More On Mobile Apps

App spending in 2021 grew by an impressive 25 percent in 2021 and has increased to an impressive $135 billion.  Even better is the growth shows no signs of slowing down. That is surprising because the industry at large has come under increased scrutiny and both the Apple and Google App Stores have introduced new […]

Hackers Stealing Credit Card Info Are Targeting E-Commerce WordPress Sites

With the holiday shopping season in full swing shoppers are descending on virtual storefronts in droves seeking the best deals.  Naturally this means that hackers are also circling like sharks watching for an opportunity to steal data and profit from it. Their most recent trick?  To infect random WordPress plugins with malicious code that can […]

WhatsApp Now Provides Disappearing Messages Feature To Improve Security

Whatsapp has had a tough year from a security standpoint and has suffered losses in the size of its user base as a result. To their credit, the company has been working hard to make their product more secure. Recently they took another powerful step in that direction with the introduction of disappearing messages. These […]

Cox Communications Reports Recent Data Breach

Cox Communications is a major provider of cable, internet, and phone service in the United States.  The company is the latest in a seemingly unending parade of companies to fall victim to a hacking attack. In this case, the hacker gained access to company servers by impersonating a member of Cox Communication’s Customer Support team.  […]

Apple Rolls Out Digital Keys For Hotels With Partnership

Apple Wallet just got a powerful new feature that’s sure to make it more attractive to busy travelers.  Thanks to an agreement with Hyatt your Apple Wallet is now capable of serving as a digital hotel key. This counts as a promise kept.  At the 2021 WWDC Apple promised that it would be adding digital […]

New Emotet Malware Found A New Way To Distribute

Emotet is one of the most feared malware strains circulating right now. The team behind it has managed to infect a staggering array of targets all around the globe. To say that it is a major threat would be an understatement. Recently the group behind Emotet just upped the ante even further. Researchers have recently […]

Microsoft Office Is Rolling Out A New User Interface

Microsoft is making a few UI changes across its entire product line in anticipation of rolling out Windows 11.  Early this year (2021) the company announced that they were updating the UI for Office 365 and Office 2021. Over the summer small groups of users participated in an open beta and began playing with the […]

Twitter Increasing Privacy With Stricter Picture And Media Sharing

Recently Twitter’s CEO stepped down. Since then, the company has been gearing up to make some changes that many of the industry’s insiders regard as long overdue. The first of these changes has now been rolled out with the company modifying its privacy policy and outlining new rules related to the sharing of pictures and […]

 Security Vulnerabilities Were Found In These Popular WiFi Routers

Most people have a home network these days which connects their computers and tablets, allows them to stream video from their Smart TVs, and surf the web from their phones using their home network rather than their cellphone’s data plan. If you have a home network then you should keep reading. Recently security researchers tested […]

 Microsoft Paint Got A Makeover After Recent Update

Microsoft has had a long and interesting relationship with its venerable “Paint” app. Most people are familiar with Paint.  It’s been around since the earliest versions of Windows and let’s be honest it was never a great application. It allows users to do the basics but it was quickly eclipsed by more robust and feature-rich […]

Microsoft Really Wants People To Use Their Edge Browser

It’s no real secret that Microsoft has never been a big fan of Chrome, FireFox, or any other web browser that it didn’t build.  The company clearly hasn’t gotten over the fact that it lost the browser wars and lost them handily. That’s why it keeps trying periodically to reinvent the wheel offering up new […]

Latest Corporate Data Breach Hits Panasonic Servers

The Japanese electronics juggernaut Panasonic is the latest company to fall victim to relentless hackers. In a recent press release the company indicated their servers had been successfully attacked on November 11th, 2021. The statement reads in part as follows: “As the result of an internal investigation, it was determined that some data on a […]

DNA Testing Company Was Hacked And Data Was Breached

Have you had your DNA tested by DDC (DNA Diagnostic Center)? If so be advised that the company was recently hacked and that the attackers were able to make off with data impacting 2,102,436 people.  According to the company’s disclosure statement the breach occurred between May 24th and July 28th 2021 and the company’s internal […]

Over 4,000 Online Shopping Retailers Hit With Data Breach

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has identified more than 4,000 different retailers that have been compromised by hackers exploiting known vulnerabilities on checkout pages in order to divert payments and steal payment card details. The NCSC has been quietly alerting vulnerable retailers over the past 18 months. Based on the data gathered by […]

Latest iPhone Update May Fix Dropped Calls Problem

Do you own an iPhone 12 or 13? Have you been dealing with dropped calls? If so then Apple has good news and a fix for that. Simply upgrade to iOS 15.11 and you should be good to go. 15.11 is a minor update that only contains a single entry in the change log. Literally […]

Hackers Hit Wind Energy Provider With Ransomware

Vestas Wind Systems is one of the leaders in wind turbine manufacturing in North America with 40,000 MW currently installed and another 36,000 MW under service in both the US and Canada. Recently the company published a breach notification indicating that they had been the subject of a successful cyber attack which occurred on Friday, […]

Large GoDaddy Data Breach Involves WordPress Customer Email Adresses

Are you a GoDaddy customer? Do you maintain a WordPress blog with the company? If so be advised that the company recently announced a breach of their network. An as yet unidentified third party accessed GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting environment. Based on the investigation to date the intrusion began on September 6, 2021. While taking […]

What is a SOC?

It’s good to be nervous about the recent explosion of cybercrime, but it’s even better to be prepared. If you’re a business owner, now is the time to invest in your organization’s security posture, but deciding how much to invest, and which tools, strategies, and solutions to invest in, can be difficult, confusing, and stressful. […]

Beware Certain Sites Because Of TSA PreCheck Renewal Scam

According to a report recently released by Abnormal Security there’s been a huge upsurge of instances of people getting scammed after visiting what they thought were Global Entry, NEXUS, and TSA PreCheck service sites. The issue is that scammers are building very convincing fakes of these types of sites and charging busy travelers $140 for […]

Blue Screen On Windows 11 Could Be Audio Driver Issue

Sometimes the development process is smooth and sometimes it’s not so smooth. Right now Windows 11’s development is falling into that latter category. Recently Windows Engineers announced a serious issue plaguing the OS. The culprit was compatibility between the new OS version 21H2 and Intel’s SST (Smart Sound Technology) drivers. SST is a big deal […]

YouTube Will Start Hiding Dislike Counts From Public

Some months back YouTube announced that it would begin experimenting with the notion of hiding the number of down votes or dislikes that displayed content receives. At present for most of the content on the platform the number of “thumbs down” votes is displayed alongside the number of “thumbs up” votes that a given video […]