You Can Now Easily Block Users in Spotify

Are you a Spotify user? Have you found yourself wanting or needing to block another user? Until recently if you found yourself in that situation you had no choice but to contact customer support and have them block the user for you. Apparently it’s become a big enough and common enough issue that the company […]

Twitter Will No Longer Auto-Crop Photos On The Web

Twitter hasn’t had a very good relationship with auto-cropping. Images just haven’t historically displayed very well on the platform. Fortunately that is soon changing. The company recently announced that it is dropping crop on the web altogether on both its Android and iOS apps. It may seem like a small change but Twitter’s auto-cropping algorithm […]

Android Malware Named MasterFred Seeks User App Login Information

If you have an Android device be aware that there’s a new strain of malware out there. Called MasterFred this new malware utilizes well-constructed fake login overlays in order to steal the login and credit card information for Twitter Instagram and Netflix users. A sample of the code was submitted to VirusTotal in June of […]

Most Bait Phishing Attacks Target Gmail Accounts

A new report by Barracuda was recently published. It revealed that the vast majority of baiting email attacks conducted this year were done via G-mail accounts. The firm surveyed 10,500 different organizations and found that more than a third (35 percent) of them received at least one bait attack email in September 2021 alone. That’s […]

Legacy Contacts Shares Data From Those Who Have Passed

The internet has been around for a while at this point and it has brought to mind an issue we’ve never had to deal with until now. What happens to your digital “stuff” when you die? Does it just go away? Does it simply become inaccessible? In the here and now the answer has been […]

Twitter Rolls Out New Paid Plan Called Twitter Blue

One of the things that has allowed social media platforms to grow so quickly and utterly dominate the internet is the fact that they’re free to use. They’re not completely free however because users are required to give up a lot of personal information. The bottom line is that there’s no monetary cost involved which […]

Update Microsoft Exchange Server For Important Security Patch

If you use Exchange Server to handle your company’s email then you’re probably already aware that a critical security flaw has been discovered that puts the server at risk. The issue is being tracked as CVE-2021-42321 and impacts both Exchange Server 2016 and 2019. Even worse is that Microsoft reports that this issue has been […]

Linux Users Are Getting Some Security Help From Microsoft

Open-source applications don’t get much in the way of protection. However in recent years Microsoft has taken steps to change that and especially as it relates to Linux. A few months back the company expanded those protections by adding endpoint detection and response (EDR) to Defender for Endpoint. More recently Microsoft added that capability for […]

Firefox Is Now A Download Option In Windows Store

If you spend a lot of time browsing the Windows Store you may have noticed something unexpected. You can now download Mozilla’s Firefox browser from that source. Previously Mozilla was unable to upload its browser to the Windows Store because Microsoft’s policies required that all browsers on their platform had to use the engine provided […]

Facebook Will End Facial Recognition Program

Facebook has seen no end of trouble lately and has been called before Congress multiple times over the past year to explain themselves and their policies. This is all happening as the US tries desperately to stem the unending tide of mis-information and dis-information and do more to protect children and teens. This is all […]

Microsoft Excel Adding Useful Features For Developers

There’s great news in your immediate future if you’re one of the legions of Excel users. Recently Microsoft made some behind the scenes changes to the venerable spreadsheet application that allows developers to code their own custom data types for use inside the program. The upgrade isn’t aimed at business executives but rather at developers […]

Microsoft Windows 7 And 8 OneDrive Support Is Ending

Are you a OneDrive user running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1? If so be aware that on January 1st, 2022 your OneDrive desktop application will reach end of support. The company offered the following by way of explanation: “In order to focus resources on new technologies and operating systems and to provide users […]

AI Comes To Microsoft Office Products

The folks of Microsoft have been busy quietly making improvements to their venerable MS Office Suite. Recently Excel got some intriguing updates that expanded the number of data types cells could accept. That is with a bit of programmatic help of course. At this year’s Ignite IT conference Microsoft announced some exciting new tools and […]

Windows 10 Update Includes PC Health Check For Users

If you’re one of the legions of Windows 10 users you may have recently noticed a new application on your machine. Rest assured that you didn’t get infected with some type of malware. The new app is part of a Windows 10 update. Specifically KB5005463. If your system is set automatically receive Windows updates it […]

New Android Malware Wreaks Havoc For Some Users

There’s a nasty new strain of malware you need to be aware of that targets Android devices. Don’t let the funny name fool you because AbstractEmu is a serious threat. Not only will it root an infected device but it will allow the controller of the malware to take total control of the device. It […]

Some People Still Use 20 Year Old Windows XP

Windows XP recently turned twenty. Two decades is an eternity in the world of computers. Yet despite its age the venerable OS still has a surprising number of loyal users. The problem is that Windows XP stopped receiving security updates in 2014. That means those who are still clinging to it run a very real […]

Major Data Breach At Robinhood Is Affecting Millions

Do you buy stocks via the no-cost RobinHood platform? If so be advised that the company has recently disclosed a massive data breach estimated to impact more than seven million customers. The attack against RobinHood’s networks occurred on November 3rd. It happened after an unidentified threat actor called the company’s customer support line and utilized […]

Links In Stories Now Available For All Instagram Users

If you’re not an Instagram user you may not have heard of ‘Stories.’ They are vertical photos or videos with a duration of no more than fifteen seconds per clip. You can post multiple 15 second clips in a row as well. The unique part is that they vanish after 24 hours of posting. Stories […]

Hackers Turn To New Trick Called SEO Poisoning

Hackers have a new tool in their toolbox you should be aware of. Called SEO Poisoning or sometimes “search poisoning” the attack relies on Black Hat SEO techniques to optimize web content. Researchers from Menlo Security have spotted two separate campaigns one linked to the SolarMarker backdoor and the other leveraging REvil ransomware to infect […]

Facebook Is Changing Its Name And Here’s The Details

Recently one of the biggest companies on the web got a name change when the Facebook CEO announced that the company would henceforth be known as ‘Meta.’ Here’s what you need to know: First and foremost nothing at all will change about the company’s iconic social media platform. It will still be known as Facebook. […]

New TodayZoo Phishing Campaign Is Going After Passwords

Microsoft recently reported on the existence of an unusual phishing campaign designed primarily to harvest the passwords of unsuspecting victims. One of the things that makes the campaign so unusual is the fact that it appears to be built by using bits of code copied and pasted from the work of other hackers. Call it […]

This Mac Malware Should Have Users Worried

Researchers from Microsoft have reported the discovery of a new variant of macOS malware called WizardUpdate. The new version should worry all Mac users because it has been upgraded to incorporate enhanced evasion and persistence tactics that will make it more difficult to track, locate and ultimately stop. WizardUpdate is also known as UpdateAgent and […]

Some Microsoft Operating System Updates Will Expire

Are you in the habit of not upgrading your Windows OS on a regular basis? If you are then when you get around to it you may find that you’ve got a rather long backlog of updates to apply. The process can take quite some time and involve a number of system restarts to complete […]

Google Adds Feature To Help People Focus

Google has taken another step in a long series of steps designed to improve the lives of everyone who uses their ecosystem of products. In this case the company has added a new feature to Google Calendar. Called “Focus Time” and it’s an event setting that seeks to help people block out time free from […]

End To End Encryption Comes To Microsoft Teams

In a bid to further bolster security Microsoft has recently announced the roll-out of end to end encryption for one to one Microsoft Teams calls. Teams already encrypts user data both in transit and at rest and it allows IT admins to establish automatic transcription and recording of all video calls. Microsoft had this to […]

Criminals Are Using YouTube Video Channels To Spread Malware

YouTube has long been a hunting ground used by hackers and scammers to push all manner of hoaxes, scams and malicious code onto unsuspecting users. A security researcher known only as Frost is working for Cluster 25. Frost has reported a significant uptick in the number of malware campaigns orchestrated from YouTube. Overwhelmingly these campaigns […]