AllBlock Chrome Ad Blocker Is No Longer Safe To Use

Internet ads are annoying. People tend to go to great lengths to avoid them if possible which is why ad blocking software and browser extensions are so popular. One of the more popular options is AllBlock which is a Chromium extension that is widely promoted on YouTube and Facebook. The extension touts its ability to […]

Windows 11 Update Might Cause Brother Printer Problems

Early adopters who are rushing to embrace and experiment with Windows 11 and that use Brother brand printers may experience printing problems. Microsoft recently posted a help article on their website explaining that if you own a Brother printer and have upgraded to Windows 11 you may lose your ability to print if your printer […]

AirPods Pro Repair Program Extended For Static Sound Problems

Are you an AirPods Pro owner? Do yours crackle and hiss? If you answered yes to both of those questions be aware that Apple has recently extended the support window for the product. This means that you may be able to get yours replaced for free. As with most of the products that Apple makes […]

Update LibreOffice And OpenOffice To Avoid Critical Security Risk

Do you use LibreOffice or OpenOffice? If so be aware that security updates have recently been issued due to the recent discovery of a major security flaw. This vulnerability allows an attacker to modify and manipulate documents so that it appears they have been signed by a trusted party. Although the flaw that makes this […]

Warn Your Employees About The New DocuSign Phishing Campaign

Phishing attacks tend to focus on executive level targets. They focus on high ranking targets who have considerable system access. That appears to be changing. A recent trend tracked by researchers from Avanan has revealed that nearly half of all phishing emails analyzed in recent months were crafted to impersonate non-executives. Additionally more than three […]

Continuous Scrolling Coming To Mobile Google Searches

Do you use Google Chrome on your phone? If so you may have found yourself frustrated more than once by having to tap the “see more results” button because you were unable to find what you were looking for in the first few search results. If you’ve ever experienced that you will be glad to […]

What Caused The Major Facebook Outage?

If you use Facebook then you are no doubt aware that recently the company experienced an outage that took the site offline for several hours. Many people initially assumed that the company had been hacked. However as the outage continued there were none of the telltale signs of an attack. The outage impacted all of […]

Twitch Hack Was Much Bigger Than Expected

Are you a gamer or do you broadcast on Twitch for some other reason? If so be aware that the platform was recently hacked and the amount of information the attackers made off with is much more substantial than was originally estimated. Some of the data has now been leaked by an anonymous user on […]

Some AMD Chips Aren’t Performing Well With Windows 11

Do you have a computer powered by an AMD chipset? Are you excited to upgrade to Windows 11? If you answered yes to both of those questions you should know that at present some AMD processors are struggling to run Windows 11 smoothly. In fact a few processors have seen performance drops of up to […]

Google Forcing Accounts To Use Two Factor Authentication

Google recently announced that they’re planning to auto-enroll some 150 million user accounts into two factor authentication (2FA). The company prefers the term two-step verification (2SV). The company had this to say about the planned move: “…because we know the best way to keep our users safe is to turn on our security protections by […]

New Firefox Browser Feature Appears To Be Adware

With the release of Firefox 92 back in September Mozilla made a change that may well doom the browser. If you use Firefox you have probably already noticed it. When you start typing an address you will find sponsored Firefox contextual suggestions in a drop-down list. In simplest terms companies pay a premium to get […]

Hackers Can Take Control Of Some Electronic Diabetic Devices

Medical equipment provider Medtronic has issued an urgent recall order for insulin pump controllers belonging to their “MiniMed Paradigm” family. The company cited serious cyber security risks as the reason for the recall. The models in question are MMT-500 and MMT-503 which is used in conjunction with the Medtronic MiniMed 508 pump. Overall more than […]

New Dangerous Android Malware Is Infecting Millions

Researchers from Zimperium zLabs have detected a nasty, dangerous, global malware campaign that has managed to infect more than 10 million Android devices from around the world in more than 70 different countries. As with most malware campaigns this one relies on social engineering to spread. The first stage of the infection process is that […]

Sneaky Malware Stealing Sensitive Gamer Information On Gaming Sites

Are you a gamer? Do you have an account on Steam, EA Origin, or the Epic Games Store? If so there’s an emerging threat you should be aware of. A new strain of malware is now being sold on the Dark Web. Discovered by researchers operating out of Kaspersky Labs the new malware strain has […]

Hackers Find Security Vulnerability With Apple Pay

Do you have an iPhone? Do you make use of the Apple Pay service? If so there is a security issue you need to be aware of. Researchers have discovered a means by which fraudulent payments can be made from a locked iPhone. Two conditions must be true for the flaw to be exploited. The […]

Google Is The Most Popular Search Result On Bing

It’s good to be the King and in the world of search Google is the undisputed King. That fact has made the tech giant something of a target however. Google has been sued repeatedly and investigated by both the US Congress and the EU’s General Court owing to its dominant position in the realm of […]

With Upcoming Release, You Can Sync Excel And Quickbooks

Are you a QuickBooks user? If so you’re going to be thrilled by the company’s recent announcement that Excel integration is coming soon. You read that correctly. Soon you will be able to sync QuickBooks and Excel which should simplify your life a great deal. This is but the latest in a long line of […]

DDOS Attackers Are Targeting VoIP Providers

Hackers around the world are flexing their muscles. For reasons that aren’t yet clear they have been launching distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks against Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers and it is leading to widespread voice outages. VoIP provider is the latest company to fall victim to these attacks. On the afternoon […]

Zero Day Bug Found In MacOS

A new Zero Day vulnerability in macOS has been discovered. The flaw impacts all macOS versions up to the latest release Big Sur. The bug was found by Park Minchan an independent security researcher and is tied to the way that macOS processes inteloc files. The processing methodology allows an attacker to embed malicious commands […]

Youtube Video Downloads May Be Coming To Computers

If you use the YouTube app on your phone and you’re a premium subscriber you’ve currently got the ability to download videos from the service. As of this date however those are the only people who have the ability to download videos. Even if you’ve subscribed to the premium service there is no download function. […]

Recent Study Shows Alarming Insights On People And Passwords

A new study recently published by the digital identity firm Beyond Identity contains a number of surprises relating to passwords and password security. This is information that IT professionals and small or medium-sized business owners should be aware of. While it is not a rigorous and scientific study the results of the company’s survey are […]

Increasing Online Love Scams Are Costing Victims Big Money

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic online dating sites have seen a tremendous surge in memberships. People are seeking romance online since in person dating was sharply curtailed by lock downs. Naturally this proved to be an irresistible lure to scammers around the world. So much so that the FBI has recently issued a […]

Apple Has Released iOS 15 With New Features

Apple recently released iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 for its phone/pad products. The latest update brings a number of new features to Apple users. Here’s a quick overview: Improvements to Do Not Disturb This feature has been re-branded as “Focus” and it silences your phone or tablet in a bid to help limit interruptions when […]

Don’t Fall For This Cryptocurrency Giveaway Scam

You know you’ve hit the Big Time when you get a scam named after you. That’s exactly what has happened to Elon Musk. The latest scam that’s making the rounds is called the “Elon Musk Mutual Aid Club” or the “Elon Musk Club” for short. If you’re an experienced IT professional it is easy to […]

Android Users Will Get Additional Gmail Features

If you access your Gmail account via your PC it currently has features that simply don’t exist on the Android Gmail app. Specifically with regards to its email search options. These make it easy to find the exact email you’re looking for no matter where it might be buried in your inbox. The good news […]

New Malware Is Targeting Linux And WordPress Users

A new strain of malware which has been dubbed ‘Capoae’ has been spotted in the wild. It was written in Go and this strain targets Linux systems and WordPress installations. It was discovered by Larry Cashdollar. Larry is a senior security researcher at Akamai. Capoae is quickly becoming a favorite among threat actors because of […]