Chris Amano

Responsive, Professional and Knowledgeable

The implementation of Office 365, which was done by IT Pros Management went very well. The process was well defined for us by Randy Maritnez. The implementation was very smooth and professionally done. IT Pros Management has been our outsourced ...Read More

Zaszou Business Services, Inc.

Christine Stewart

High Quality Service

IT Pros Management, delivers a high-quality standard of service and is always prompt.

Sales Representative
Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Russell Davis

Timely Service and Accountability

I have worked with the IT Pros Management team for a year and have nothing but praise for their technical support. Once you submit a request via email, you will receive an immediate notification that the request has been received and typically the issue ...Read More

Vice President Human Resources
Bet Tzedek

Andrea Schneider


The implementation of Office 365 was seamless. IT Pros Management provided helpful instructions throughout. I haven’t had any issues, though if that were to change, IT Pros Management has been quite responsive.

Pro Bono and Volunteer Coordinator
Bet Tzedek

William Wilson

Support Services Are Exemplary

IT Pros Management did an exceptional job setting up my home office. Not only was the setup done quickly and correctly, they were also able to answer any and all questions that I had on the spot.

For years I’ve been an IT Pros Management customer and ...Read More

Senior Account Executive
Vapor Nation

Diego Cartagena, Esq.

Smooth Transition to Office 365

IT Pros Management’ implementation and management of Bet Tzedek’s Office 365 solution has been ideal. There were many, including myself, that were nervous about the transition. There are so many stories out there of problems going wrong when you make ...Read More

Vice President, Legal Programs
Bet Tzedek

Marisa Aguayo

Attentive and Courteous

The speedy response from IT Pros Management to the issue was great! IT Pros Management is attentive and courteous.

Sr. Officer, Institutional Giving
National Immigration Law Center

Ruth Ern


IT Pros Management staff are able to fix our technical issues in a reasonable period of time. They come out when they need to and work remotely when able. They do well and are responsive partners in IT matters.

Accounting/HR Manager
Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Ciria Cordero

Quick Service

Office 365 is a very convenient system. I am able to access remotely and is a great system. If there are any issues IT Pros Management handles right away.

Director of Finance
Cesar's Way

Russell Davis

Highly Recommend

I am happy to say that IT Pros Management, has been excellent. I would highly recommend IT Pros Management services and company to anyone.

Vice President Human Resources
Bet Tzedek

Zoe Engel

The friendly technician was professional and had a rapid response to resolve the issues in a timely manner.

Bet Tzedek

KC Jones

Ernie & Mario are super stars! They always respond swiftly and positively.
Thank you.

Zaszou Business Services, Inc.

Ellis Linehan

With the professional and helpful technician my technical dilemma was solved exceptionally quick.

Zaszou Business Services, Inc.

Nina Torres

My technical issues are always resolved in a timely manner with excellent, friendly, and knowledgeable service from the technicians at IT Pros.

National Immigration Law Center

Abraham Jaimes

I appreciate your company’s efforts throughout 2018. I have asked for help many times, and everyone has been helpful, especially Ernie and Mario. Thanks again.

Jen Petrovich

Very Happy

Hi Silvia we’re very happy with IT Pros consultants all the time. They’re great.

Chief Financial Officer
Bet Tzedek Legal Services

Alvaro Huerta

Quick Resolution and Friendly Demeanor

My technical support issue was resolved very quickly. Ernie contacted me and was able fix my problem very quickly. Every time Ernie assists me I appreciate his friendly demeanor.

National Immigration Law Center

Kayli Baker

Very Impressed

We had an issue with our network scanner, so we contacted IT Pros Management. Randy was dispatched and was able to fix the scanner issue very quickly. Randy also checked in with a few of our staff to make sure they were doing well. He was very professional and kind. I was ...Read More

Office Manager
Zaszou Business Services Inc.

Silvia Sevilla

Their Ongoing Support Allows Us To Focus On Our Business

IT Pros Management has been an invaluable partner in the design and implementation of technology infrastructure. Since the start of our businesses, IT Pros Management has been an integral part of the team. Their knowledge of the ...Read More

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