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Because of our IT Business Continuity Plan, your business data will always be secure and easily retrievable in the event of a disaster.

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Unexpected catastrophic events like a storm, fire, or break-in can cause your server to go down. In many cases, this is enough to shut down all your business operations either temporarily or long-term.

No matter how severe these situations are, we’ll make sure your servers, data, and storage devices remain unscathed. We’ll optimize your onsite equipment and keep all your data securely in the cloud. We’ll also help you form a sweeping strategy to recover from disasters quickly with the shortest amount of downtime possible.

IT Pros Management Inc. will build you a backup plan tailored to fit your business model and your users. This plan will include the following features:


We’ll thoroughly assess your entire IT infrastructure.


We’ll evaluate the best cloud-hosted data solutions and choose the one that best fits your needs.


We’ll give you an effective recovery strategy that details downtime prevention and remediation.


We’ll build you a thorough step-by-step process for post-disaster implementation.


We’ll fully test your personalized IT business continuity strategy to ensure its effectiveness. Our technicians will also always be available to assist you if you have problems.

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