Coalition Of Big Names Coming Together To Fight Ransomware

If you’re worried about ransomware attacks know that help is on the way. The CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) has announced a partnership with some of the biggest names in tech. The specific purpose of this collaborative effort called the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative is to put an end to ransomware and other serious […]

Even Computer Hardware Manufacturers Can Get Hit By Ransomware

Retailers, hospitals and financial institutions tend to be the targets of choice for the hackers of the world. Of course they’re not the only targets. The simple truth is that any company can find itself in the cross hairs of a hacker. The most recent victim is Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte. In addition to shutting […]

Google Working On One Tap Solution To Password Issue

Internet users are notoriously bad at selecting secure passwords for the sites they frequently use that require a login. Surveys reveal that more than a third of internet users are in the habit of using the same password across multiple sites. The danger is that if a hacker breaches one of your accounts then many […]

Hackers Offering Fake Free Kindle Ebooks To Hack Amazon Accounts

Do you own an Amazon Kindle? Amazon has a warning for you if you do. Beware. Hackers are now using poisoned ebooks to delete the contents of infected Kindle readers and take control of a victim’s Amazon account. The hackers take advantage of the fact that on any given day there are literally hundreds of […]

New Stalkerware Tracks The Location Of Its Victims

A startling revelation was made at the recent Black Hat cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ongoing pandemic has given rise to a new threat named Stalkerware. It is defined as apps (both malicious and mundane) that are being used increasingly to coerce and control individuals. Stalkerware is used mostly by one intimate partner […]

Older Industrial Technology May Have Security Risks

The vulnerability of Industrial Control Systems has been getting a lot of press in recent months. That’s a good thing because most people don’t spend much time thinking or worrying about such systems. Unfortunately they are among the most vulnerable systems of all. Industrial Control Systems haven’t really changed all that much in the past […]

Windows Turned On Default Blocking For Potentially Unwanted Apps

Microsoft made a small but significant change to Windows 10 recently as it relates to PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Apps). It wasn’t something that got a lot of press but it’s a change well worth knowing about. Beginning with the May 2020 update for Windows 10, 2004, the Redmond Giant added a PUA blocking feature to […]

Google May Phase Out Secure Lock Icon For Websites

Google has had a long history of taking steps to make the web more secure for everyone. One of their early moves involved warning users via popup box when they surfed their way to a site that did not use the secure socket (HTTPS) protocol. This warning was good for users but didn’t do anything […]

This Malware Can Take Control Of Facebook Accounts

Do you have a Facebook account? Even if it has been a while since you last logged on there is a new threat you should be aware of. A new strain of malware called FlyTrap was used recently to take control of thousands of Facebook accounts. Yours could be next if it hasn’t been compromised […]

New Mac Device Malware Is Bypassing Apple Security

Apple is generally very good about providing its users with a safe and secure computing environment. For many years the company was able to rightly claim that Microsoft had a far worse problem with malware than Apple did. That is still true but the gap has now virtually disappeared. As Apple products surged in popularity […]