DNS Issue Caused Major Website Outage

The Akamai Corporation reported a major outage on Thursday (7/22/2021) that caused major disruptions on the internet in the United States for a period of several hours. A tweet from the company confirmed that the outage was caused by a software update. The update triggered a bug in the DNS system which caused the outage. […]

New Malware Live Streams Your Private Computer Activity

There is a new highly unusual and potentially embarrassing strain of malware that you need to be aware of. It has been dubbed BIOPASS by the Trend Micro researchers who first discovered it. The new malware will live stream your computer activities all while allowing the whole world to tune in and watch whatever you […]

Popular Ring Doorbells To Get Encryption Option

Do you have a Ring Doorbell? They are offered by Amazon and they’re a wildly popular smart device that allows you to keep tabs on who’s coming to or walking by your door. The doorbell’s camera records video and saves it to the cloud so you can review it at your leisure. Unfortunately there’s a […]

Latest Data Breach Hits Guess Clothing Company

American fashion retailer Guess recently became the latest in a seemingly unending parade of big-name companies to suffer a data breach. The company’s breach notification letter was mailed to all customers whose data was compromised. The letter states that an unidentified party gained access to Guess’ systems between February 2nd and February 23rd of this […]

Internet Browser Firefox Will Soon Get SmartBlock Feature

There’s good news for anyone who uses the Firefox web browser. Beginning with the release of Firefox 87 which was released in March of this year (2021) Mozilla has introduced a new SmartBlock feature. The new feature helps ensure that when users enable ‘Strict Mode’ for their Tracking Protection that it will not break websites […]

Gmail Adding Email Authenticator Feature Called BIMI

Change is coming to Gmail. Recently as a courtesy of a new agreement between Google and the AuthIndicators Working Group you’ll soon begin seeing BIMIs (Brand Indicators for Message Identification). The brains behind BIMI describe their product as an email specification that allows the use of brand-controlled logos within supported email clients. AuthIndicators is steered […]

BazarBackdoor Uses Compressed Files To Deliver Malware

Security researchers have spotted a new phishing campaign in the wild that you’ll want to make a note of. In this case the hackers are attempting to deliver a malware strain known as BazarBackdoor by using an innovative compression technique and then disguising the malware as an image file. Multi-compression isn’t a new technique but […]

Morgan Stanley Banking Latest To Get Hit By Data Breach

Hacks continue to evolve as the hackers themselves get increasingly sophisticated. One of the most recent victims is investment banking giant Morgan Stanley. Their network was breached after the attackers stole personal information belonging to their customers by hacking into an Accellion FTA server belonging to a third-party vendor, then using that information to breach […]

Microsoft Issues Patches For PrintNightmare Bug

If you’re one of the legions of Windows users, you may be aware that the OS currently has some printer issues. In fact, they’re so severe that the bug has been dubbed “PrintNightmare,” and note that this flaw affects all versions of Windows. The good news is that Microsoft got to work just after the […]

Ransomware Attackers May Target Industrial Machines Soon

Government officials and some internet security researchers have been saying for quite some time now that the nation’s (and the world’s) core infrastructure is at risk. Some examples include the flow of water into cities, the flow of electricity, and the traffic lights that keep city streets relatively organized. All of these depend on the […]